What is it?

The “Portugal Divide” is a bikepacking route consisting of the Geodesic Center and five Extreme Waypoints in Mainland Portugal. The bikepacker choose their own path, being asphalt, dirt trails, or a mixture of both. The Portugal Divide can be travelled at any time, either individually or in a group. 

Once a year there will be a Portugal Divide event, starting at Cevide (the northern end), crossing all waypoints, and finishing at Sta. Maria Cape (the southern end).


How did this idea take shape?

The idea of a Portuguese Divide came about from a group of bikepackers, which did a hand full of overnighters across continental Portugal. Intending to rise the bar of their adventures, they came up with the idea of designing an epic challenge following the “rules” of bikepacking, such as the Tour Divide (the biggest challenge among all events of bikepacking).

The Great Departure: Cevide, 2024-06-08 05:57 [GMT] at SUNRISE



This is not your typical MTB marathon!

You'll need to be well prepared, even if your goal is not to move fast ....


The Portugal Divide is a bikepacking challenge for bikepackers, who want to challenge themselves. Provided that they are aware of the difficulties, such as the physical and mental requirements needed to undertake such an event. One must understand that there will be no support team, no pre-defined places to eat or sleep, no route signs, no insurance, no mechanics/staff, and no road closures. Each person will be competing at their own risk.

At the time of completion and after validation, ones information including the date and time of passage at each waypoint, will be added to the site.